typical college student...

so, being the college student that I am, I am constantly moving and always have things to do. Because of this, I am forced to reconsider what I used to acknowledge as my "eating schedule".

yesterday, I was running a bit late to my first class, so I decided to have a late breakfast. So at 10 I had a bagel and coffee. I continued throughout my busy Monday, and finally finished classes at 4:30.

Now here lies the problem: I had a free dinner at 6:00, but I was STARVING. so naturally, I went to the cafeteria to consume 2 bowls of captain crunch and a couple of cookies beforehand. Of course, the whole time I was eating my subconscious was saying, "you'll be sorry... you'll be sorry... you be sorry..."

And I was.

Oh well. the 6:00 dinner was good, too. Free food is just so hard to pass up sometimes.

And here I am, in the cafeteria again. I had a lovely chat with my girl Janice. She has fly glasses. And six grand boys. We like to laugh together for thirty minutes while I hold my delicious yogurt parfait wishing I could eat it. She was hiding from me when I first came into the cafeteria, but don't worry, I found her.

Soooo... I guess I'll study now? I decided that the cafeteria is a good place to study. Probably because I've set my station up right next to the desert bar. Stellar.

These rainy days make me sleepy. I'm dreaming of spring days and summer nights. Fresh air and carelessness.