hello fall...

we greet thee with open arms!

I went home to Franklin, Tennessee for fall break and the only thing that could have made it better would have been temperatures below 70s. Leiper's Fork is always beautiful, but once those leaves start changing it is absolutely breathtaking. Man's best friend and I went hiking on the Natchez Trace. (Hiking with my sweet dog Moose means traipsing through rivers and various otherwise non-hikable places such as through large drainage pipes. It's quite exciting.) I have taught my dear Moose so well; he somehow maneuvered out of his collar somewhere along our expedition. Clever one, that dog.
My heart was simply giddy looking at the colorful trees against the blue blue sky.

I went on a walk yesterday to take pictures of some places that make me smile here in Knox. It made me appreciate my surroundings a little bit more, but also made me realize my desire for a better camera: a more legit camera if you will. So, as of late, I am trying to figure out ways I can earn money for the camera of my dreamsssss. (Nikon D3000 anyone?) Soooo if anyone has any ideas besides selling my clothes/my plasma let me know. (that last one about the plasma is a semi joke. we'll see how desperate I get...)

The weather is making it terribly hard to stay on task in the world of academia. I've always struggled with this, but wanting to be outside 24/7 sure isn't feeding the flame of desire to study. Along with fall, I have embraced the fact that growing up means making decisions. This has also left me extremely distracted and seemingly absent minded when it comes to my studies. Soon it will all work out and my future self will look back and laugh at my past self.

At least I hope so.