tom foolery

in light of certain events this week, (excellent weather, easter break, etc)

my word of the day is tom foolery.

the urban dictionary describes tom foolery as: Wreaking Havoc/causing general chaos/shenanigans....

First of all, may I just point out that shenanigans is an altogether stellar word. And I suppose that "tom foolery" is a phrase, not a word. However, it just seems fitting for this week.
ex. I am going home today, and much tom foolery will be going down.

You better recognize.

after a fun and music-filled car ride in Collin's stellar gold jeep, I am finally back home in good ole Leiper's Fork. I just finished giving my precious little sister a bath. She is absolutely gorgeous and is growing like a weed.

Currently my eight year old brother is running laps around our house because he got in trouble.

it's 10:00.

I love my family. I miss it so much. It is so so so so so good to be home. What a blessing my family is to me! THANK YOU, LORD!

In this moment,
this is my shalom.




Currently I am in the library with some very stellar friends "studying"... also known as running around the 6th floor, climbing through empty bookshelves, and finding little unknown crannies in the library with comfy chairs!

the Urban Dictionary very correctly defines studying as: "what you're avoiding right now".

Right on target, Urban Dictionary. I am thoroughly impressed.

I have done everything from facebook, youtube, stumble upon, twitter, itunes, and solitaire in attempt to avoid my studying. I have also visited Starbucks twice, where I met a new friend Ayanle who is from Somalia. He moved to the United States in 2001. He lived in California for a year and then moved here. He doesn't know why, but he has friends so it's okay. He says I have a lot of friends. I said yes. I mean, I think I have a lot of friends. He was real nice and said that if I didn't like the Dark Cherry Mocha that, yes, he WOULD make me another drink. I debated on whether I should lie to him and say that I didn't like it so I could get a free drink, but I decided that I liked him too much to lie. That would build a rotten foundation for our new-found friendship.

So now I'm drinking some rockin' organic milk. the vanilla kind. it's pretty much wonderful.

I told my friend Allie that I would tell her something embarrassing about myself if she sent me a package of my most favorite things!! She agreed. Alas, I cannot think of what favorite things I would like for her to send me. So that gives me yet another thing to think about besides studying. Because obviously my list of favorite things is much more important than my midterm tomorrow.

soooo.... I guess I should attempt to study now...
which according to Urban dictionary is avoiding to study...
so by me saying that I am about to study, I am really saying that I am about to NOT study.

Which is exactly what I'm about to do.




"we stop looking for monsters under our bed because we realized they were inside us"

The weather was gorgeous today. I feel like it was a little package sent from God saying "hey, I know life is hard sometimes, but look at my creation. It rocks, right?"

Yes. Yes is does rock. Thanks God. You're the best.

So lately I've been thinking about how jubilant life would be if we acted like children. We could play together and not worry about money, or homework. But we could be free. Children are so quick to believe in things, ( which makes it fun to mess around with them ) but I wish I had faith like a child. I have gotten to the point where I feel so independent and "grown up" that I no longer am able to put my trust into things that aren't concrete. Why do we feel the need to question everything?

Today in RUF, we talked about how God is offering us complete restoration, we just have to accept it. Inside, no matter how put together we seem, we have monsters. We can try and try to get rid of them ourselves, but the only one who can fully restore us is Him. He is pursuing us, why aren't we answering? WE ARE GLORIOUS RUINS. We are broken and restoration will hurt, but the promise of reconciliation is so beautiful!

So, as I sit here and eat my natural cheetos, I am asking God to give me faith like a child, so I can trust Him and be restored.



it's true that I am the queen of procrastination. Here I am, in the middle of the night, doing pretty much absolutely nothing. Although my inspiration is highly lacking right now, God has definitely given me a glimpse of the beauty He sees in this world. I long to see the beauty in everything surrounding me; I yearn to see the world like He does. The Lord says "TAKE HEART! for I have overcome the world!" Oh what a beautiful mess this world is. Thank the Lord that He shows us His mercy.

have heart.