it's beginning to feel like...

fall. FINALLY. even the fact that it's rainy and drab outside can't kill my mood today.

I almost didn't wake up this morning because the rain was coming down so hard the sun didn't rise! (I mean, I'm sure it did, but I couldn't see it. Therefore I was unable to greet and salute said sunrise, leading to my inability to wake up/get out of bed... ever.) However, I have tried to make the most out of this rainy monday by wearing my new trench coat (THANKS LISA... MOM). The only problem was that this coat did not have a hood to protect my sweet little head from Knoxville's acidic rain.
Problem easily solved
: take hood off of another jacket and simply place it on head like hat. BADABING: hood. Nevermind the color difference, because who really cares if I match anyways? If there is actually a person out there who TRULY cares if I match every day or not, I pity the quality of your life. And sorry.

I love it when I ask permission to do something and the response I receive is "go for it".

Question:"Is anyone sitting here?"
Response: "No. Go for it!"

It's like a little pep talk. Like I have people throughout my whole day whose sole purposes are to give me that one encouraging phrase and smack my butt to get ready for game time. (just kidding about that last part). GO TEAM :)

I just realized I have been sitting here at Starbucks in John Hodges with my head phones on for fifteen minutes... without music. After realizing this, I open my itunes only to have my ears blasted with the highest volume of tunes.

And with that last bit of entertaining news, my table companion puts up her hood and tucks her hair in... to go outside?

false. She just was preparing for the next level her extreme studying sesh. I am now intimidated.

go team. -h.


lessons learned...

so here are a few lessons learned today:

#1: never wear your favorite shirt (or your brand new one) to do the dishes. you will ALWAYS get soapy suds on it. alwaysalwaysalways. don't do it.

#2. ALWAYS wear pants. you never know who might stumble into your room. (this particular lesson was not necessarily LEARNED today, but I was reminded of that one time I learned this lesson before...)

lesson #3; if you have homework, do NOT (and I repeat DO NOT) even think about getting on Facebook. whatever you need to do will never be done... until maybe 3 o'clock.

#4. It is always okay to go into someone else's room when they aren't there. Always. (perhaps to use a can opener or to eat some of their applesauce? just saying...)

#5: It's okay if you get lazy at night and don't charge your phone. Chances are when it dies, (and it will.... eventually) it won't even be that big of a deal and you might even get out of that one alive.

lesson #6, even if you have a scary dream, or a dream where someone does something mean to you or maybe proposes to another girl because he "thought you wouldn't care", it is not really appropriate to take it out on that person the next morning, because they didn't really do anything wrong in real life. (...or DID they? hmm...)

well, consider those lessons learned. I will now attempt to be on task.



so it's been a long time...

and even though I've been away for a long time, it's probably just because my life is so darn great. And that's not supposed to sound boastful... I've just been so blessed.
I feel a little awkward starting up again after my vow of blog-silence. Should I backtrack completely? Summarize my wonderful summer? Or should I just completely skip that part and not fill in any of the blank spaces of my blogging life?

Hmmm... I've never been good with making decisions. If you know me at all you know this is painfully true.

I guess I'll backtrack, summarize the good things, and leave out all the boring/uninteresting/embarrassing parts of my life as of late.

My summer was marvelous. It was full of laughter and tears, but mostly smiley, sunshiney days when there was nothing else I could do but love life. Camp Vesper Point will always hold a special place in the heart of my childhood, but I'm finding that it has a more lasting impact on my newly found adult life (I am now 20. no more teeny boppers for me!). Camp challenged me in ways I didn't think were humanly possible, and because of that I have learned so much. I was so blessed to be surrounded by the best of friends the entirety of the summer, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Wow... my summarizing skills surprise me. Touche self-doubting-self!

I am currently up to my old shenanigans. I have a test in half an hour, and instead of studying studiously, I am checking off things that have been collecting dust on my To Do list. Such as write a letter to my lovely pen pal, or update my dilapidating blog...

SO, as long as I'm getting SOMETHING done, my life is worth while.