it's beginning to feel like...

fall. FINALLY. even the fact that it's rainy and drab outside can't kill my mood today.

I almost didn't wake up this morning because the rain was coming down so hard the sun didn't rise! (I mean, I'm sure it did, but I couldn't see it. Therefore I was unable to greet and salute said sunrise, leading to my inability to wake up/get out of bed... ever.) However, I have tried to make the most out of this rainy monday by wearing my new trench coat (THANKS LISA... MOM). The only problem was that this coat did not have a hood to protect my sweet little head from Knoxville's acidic rain.
Problem easily solved
: take hood off of another jacket and simply place it on head like hat. BADABING: hood. Nevermind the color difference, because who really cares if I match anyways? If there is actually a person out there who TRULY cares if I match every day or not, I pity the quality of your life. And sorry.

I love it when I ask permission to do something and the response I receive is "go for it".

Question:"Is anyone sitting here?"
Response: "No. Go for it!"

It's like a little pep talk. Like I have people throughout my whole day whose sole purposes are to give me that one encouraging phrase and smack my butt to get ready for game time. (just kidding about that last part). GO TEAM :)

I just realized I have been sitting here at Starbucks in John Hodges with my head phones on for fifteen minutes... without music. After realizing this, I open my itunes only to have my ears blasted with the highest volume of tunes.

And with that last bit of entertaining news, my table companion puts up her hood and tucks her hair in... to go outside?

false. She just was preparing for the next level her extreme studying sesh. I am now intimidated.

go team. -h.

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  1. haha you are hilarious!
    and an amazing writer, keep it up!
    i have your blog listed on mine as faves :)
    hope you don't disappear for half a year again lol, looking forward to your next post