this night...

It's funny how a student can reach that one certain time (for me it is 1:46 on the dot) and realize that they ultimately have two options.

1. get in bed NOW and try to sleep.

now this option is tricky, because it is not always guaranteed that the student will actually FALL asleep. It is very likely that said student will simply lie in bed feeling guilty that they are no longer studying or doing whatever they really SHOULD be doing at that moment.

however, the second option is also tricky.
2. continue working.
the reason this option is equally tricky may have something to do with a little thing called an "all-nighter". This is a close friend to many students who either really have a ton to do, or just tend to procrastinate, like me.

I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that the work always ends up done, some way or another. Unfortunately for me, I realize that no amount of classical music will make me smarter or study better at this point.

So, I will continue studying. I will take my exams, perhaps with the help of a caffeinated drink or two, and I will survive. [hey... hey.......]

Yes... I know it's late.

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