the gluten-free diet

As I am typing this, I am heaving a very large sigh.
I am gluten-free.
I have not been diagnosed by a doctor with a gluten allergy, but evidence quickly leads me to this particular conclusion.

The reason for my heavy sighs as of this particular moment, is because I took a chance.
I took a chance - and failed.
Kind of.

You see, I have been gluten-free for about a year and a half now, and I usually just don't eat any products that have gluten substitutes. (gluten free bread, baking products, etc. Except I eat so many gluten free cookies. so. many.)

So this past grocery trip, I decided I would go out on a limb and try some gluten substitute items.

Fun fact about me, I LOVE. and I mean LOVE, any kind of bread. Any type of food with bread in, on, or next to it interests me. Except too bad for me though because my small intestine sees gluten and is like, "Yeah, no way in hell, honey" - and I'll stop there.

So I miss my bread.

I got some gluten free English Muffins. Cue Card: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Except, wait.
Oh, SORRY. But the package failed to tell me that it would take me TWENTY MINUTES to separate ONE english muffin. ONE. ENGLISH. MUFFIN.


So by the time I had my egg all fried and ready to hop into a warm and cozy english muffin, I was still battling the muffin on the counter (that I had just cleaned) and now there are crumbs everywhere and I just don't have the heart to exert any more effort.

So, now, the English Muffin has been thoroughly toasted, and I'm not hungry anymore. Because I was able to cook two whole fried eggs to put INSIDE of the muffin, before I was even able to separate the muffin.

cooking sucks.

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