"we stop looking for monsters under our bed because we realized they were inside us"

The weather was gorgeous today. I feel like it was a little package sent from God saying "hey, I know life is hard sometimes, but look at my creation. It rocks, right?"

Yes. Yes is does rock. Thanks God. You're the best.

So lately I've been thinking about how jubilant life would be if we acted like children. We could play together and not worry about money, or homework. But we could be free. Children are so quick to believe in things, ( which makes it fun to mess around with them ) but I wish I had faith like a child. I have gotten to the point where I feel so independent and "grown up" that I no longer am able to put my trust into things that aren't concrete. Why do we feel the need to question everything?

Today in RUF, we talked about how God is offering us complete restoration, we just have to accept it. Inside, no matter how put together we seem, we have monsters. We can try and try to get rid of them ourselves, but the only one who can fully restore us is Him. He is pursuing us, why aren't we answering? WE ARE GLORIOUS RUINS. We are broken and restoration will hurt, but the promise of reconciliation is so beautiful!

So, as I sit here and eat my natural cheetos, I am asking God to give me faith like a child, so I can trust Him and be restored.


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  1. hey, just found you off of 'triumphs and blunders of a kooky girl."
    you belong to a RUF? i attend one at the UCONN campus! cool! we already have something in common! Looks like you blog is rather new, but I think I will be your first follower! :)