Currently I am in the library with some very stellar friends "studying"... also known as running around the 6th floor, climbing through empty bookshelves, and finding little unknown crannies in the library with comfy chairs!

the Urban Dictionary very correctly defines studying as: "what you're avoiding right now".

Right on target, Urban Dictionary. I am thoroughly impressed.

I have done everything from facebook, youtube, stumble upon, twitter, itunes, and solitaire in attempt to avoid my studying. I have also visited Starbucks twice, where I met a new friend Ayanle who is from Somalia. He moved to the United States in 2001. He lived in California for a year and then moved here. He doesn't know why, but he has friends so it's okay. He says I have a lot of friends. I said yes. I mean, I think I have a lot of friends. He was real nice and said that if I didn't like the Dark Cherry Mocha that, yes, he WOULD make me another drink. I debated on whether I should lie to him and say that I didn't like it so I could get a free drink, but I decided that I liked him too much to lie. That would build a rotten foundation for our new-found friendship.

So now I'm drinking some rockin' organic milk. the vanilla kind. it's pretty much wonderful.

I told my friend Allie that I would tell her something embarrassing about myself if she sent me a package of my most favorite things!! She agreed. Alas, I cannot think of what favorite things I would like for her to send me. So that gives me yet another thing to think about besides studying. Because obviously my list of favorite things is much more important than my midterm tomorrow.

soooo.... I guess I should attempt to study now...
which according to Urban dictionary is avoiding to study...
so by me saying that I am about to study, I am really saying that I am about to NOT study.

Which is exactly what I'm about to do.


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  1. HOW EXCITED AM I that you have a blog?!! so excited! you are so incredibly sweet and insanely wonderful and i can't wait to see where your adventures take you!
    love the urban dictionary definition. because right now i'm "studying"!!