tom foolery

in light of certain events this week, (excellent weather, easter break, etc)

my word of the day is tom foolery.

the urban dictionary describes tom foolery as: Wreaking Havoc/causing general chaos/shenanigans....

First of all, may I just point out that shenanigans is an altogether stellar word. And I suppose that "tom foolery" is a phrase, not a word. However, it just seems fitting for this week.
ex. I am going home today, and much tom foolery will be going down.

You better recognize.

after a fun and music-filled car ride in Collin's stellar gold jeep, I am finally back home in good ole Leiper's Fork. I just finished giving my precious little sister a bath. She is absolutely gorgeous and is growing like a weed.

Currently my eight year old brother is running laps around our house because he got in trouble.

it's 10:00.

I love my family. I miss it so much. It is so so so so so good to be home. What a blessing my family is to me! THANK YOU, LORD!

In this moment,
this is my shalom.



  1. TOM FOLLERY!? thats my new fave word!
    and you are already home?!! how jealous am i!!

  2. gotta love some good ole honest shalom.

  3. you've got such a way with words! wow!
    please keep writing! :)